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Gypsum for use in amending soil and water to improve chemistry for greater crop yields and more efficient water use. High-Purity standard, field spread product and Ultra Fine x95™, the #1 Selling brand of Solution Grade Gypsum for direct injection into irrigation water.   
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Gypsum for use emencing soil and water to improve chemisrty for healthier turf helps build strong roots for more resilience, allowing play to resume faster after heavy rain or irrigation. Improved soil structure also helps prevent ponding and bare spots due to infiltration problems.

All-natural, bright white Gypsum isused for marking lines on Baseball Diamonds, Soccer, Football and other athletic fields. Gypsum won’t sting eyes or damage turf the way traditional Lime products will.
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High-Grade Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (Gypsum) for use as a dietary supplement in professionally formulated Animal Feed Products. Available to OEM blenders in kraft bags or bulk.

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